Make December 2nd Your Giving Tuesday!

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On December 2, 2014, Pledge Your Support to Friends’ Environmental Enrichment Sponsorship for Title I Students

In 2012, The Friends of the Robinson Nature Center introduced its Title I Field Trip Sponsorship Awards, increasing access to environmental enrichment programs that take place at the innovative Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, Howard County, Maryland. The awards are granted to those Howard County elementary schools whose students qualify for Title I funds under federal law. The award currently provides financial assistance that enables each of 12 Title I elementary schools to send one grade per year on a field trip to the Center.  So far in the 2014-2015 school year, Friends has awarded financial support to 8 out of 12 schools, covering approximately 700 students. The Friends’ current goal is to encourage participation by all 12 Title I schools in Howard County.

Why do we need “Giving Tuesday”?

We are hopeful that “Giving Tuesday” donations would provide the opportunity to increase the amount of each Title I Field Trip Sponsorship award, enabling Friends to reach those schools whose financial need is greater than can be met by the current $500 award. “Giving Tuesday” donations may also permit us to help qualifying schools who want to send more than one grade on the field trip each year.

Future goals include expanding our reach beyond Howard County to serve neighboring Maryland counties where the need for such enrichment programs is often as great, or greater, than Howard County’s own.

What do the students experience at the Center?  Weather permitting, children study nature outdoors. Robinson Nature Center field trips include nature walks through the 18 wooded acres surrounding the Center. Students investigate native plants and trees and come to know how invasive species affect the native plant’s environment. Students explore the streams and the river that border the Nature Center grounds and learn about aquatic life. They discover how seeds travel and examine the conditions animals require for sustainable habitats.

Students also can study the Center’s indoor honey bee observation hive, seeing first-hand how honey bees forage for nectar in the outdoor observation garden and then fly back into the hive via a see-through tunnel.

One activity that seems to be the children’s favorite is watching and learning about the skies in the domed NatureSphere (a digital planetarium).

Help us expand this worthwhile program. With additional donations, we can increase financial support to Title I elementary schools and further environmental education in Maryland. Dedicate your donation today on our Donation Page.

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