Annie’s Legacy

Anne’s Legacy

Anne’s Dream Realized…

The Robinson Nature Center preserves the legacy of the past and encourages care of the environment for the future. Set on Anneʼs land above the river, the Robinson Nature Center provides environmental education to the citizens of Howard County and surrounding areas. To honor the woman who made this possible,  the Robinson Legacy room in the Center is dedicated to James and Anne Robinson. A photograph of Anne with her dog and a portrait of her with James remind all visitors of Anneʼs dedication to the Center. To underscore the connection with the site, the walls of this room are paneled with wood taken from the Robinson barn.

Exhibits highlight the Chesapeake Bay, the history of the area along the river and the forest. Inside, visitors will find a Discovery Room for young children, a stunning central display on the Life of the Forest and the NatureSphere with programs on astronomy and the environment, and a video monitor featuring space images provided by NASA.

View of the Robinson Nature Center

Photo Courtesy of John Maloney

The building received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification. It is an example of modern architecture using sustainable materials, solar panels, a geothermal system for heating and cooling, a green roof and a pervious surface for the parking lot. The trails and surrounding acres along the river are a reminder of the timelessness of the beauty of nature.

Life in the 21st century is full of high tech accomplishments that make our lives safer, healthier, and fuller.  At the press of a key, people can be in other worlds, both real and imagined. The Robinson Nature Center and its surroundings take us to another place, the tranquil world Annie knew along the river–a place families can feel free, calm, and open to the sounds,and smells of the natural world, and feel the excitement of discovery and a sense of place just beyond the back door.

Anne would have liked that.